"Jake Ferree has been my trainer for over 3 years now. He is the most consistent trainer I have ever worked with. He’s always on time. He’s never cancelled a session and he’s always willing to work with my schedule. Most importantly, are his skills as a personal trainer. Jake pushes me without being pushy and my safety and form are his priorities. My results have been great . At 40+ I feel and look better than ever! Jake is a great guy and I look forward to my sessions with him. I can always count on a smiling face and a positive outlook, which is sometimes all it takes for me to change my perspective for the day. I strongly urge anyone considering hiring a personal trainer to give Jake a try". - BP

"Jake is my hero, not only is he a great trainer he is also a great guy. I love my workout time!" - Kevin Stalter Prime-Events, President & CEO

"The most remarkable thing about Jake is his ability to inspire students to find within them the motivation to reach deeper, try harder, and achieve more. His classes are sweaty and challenging but also fun with great music. My body always feels better after the 60 or 75 or 90 minutes and I have never had any injury or strain; you can trust that he knows what he is doing and that you will be safe. Jake’s classes seem to be filled with friends because there is always a welcoming feeling when you pick a spot and lay down your mat. He knows your name and his enthusiasm is evident. Jake is also incredibly kind, authentic, and caring. He is that rare person whose inner light shines for all to see." - Trish

"I have been an athlete my whole life but was introduced to yoga through Jake. His class has helped to transform both my body and my mind. He is a wonderful teacher who focuses on details to ensure you get the most from each class and to make sure you are doing each pose correctly. Jake also plays upbeat music which makes the class fun. I look forward to each class as it truly is a pleasant escape from a stressful workday." - RD

"Jake's yoga classes are the perfect balance of classic yoga with a modern touch. His music and witty approach motivates you to challenge yourself and you also leave relaxed and invigorated." Chris R Corporate Sales Manager Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel "Training with Jake is the best of both worlds: it's a hard, focused workout but balanced with his patience and a great sense of humor." - Matt Walker Sr,. VP Music/Walt Disney Studios

"Jake personifies what I believe a good teacher should be. Extremely proficient in what he is teaching, patient, empathetic, disciplined and most importantly, receptive to each student. In essence, he is aware. Knowing that Jake's approach is without judgment, he radiates good karma energy and purity that is genuine." - MH

"As a trainer Jake Ferree is 100% focused on his client 100% of the time with no distractions. Jake Ferree is unlike most trainers I have met with inflated egos and excess bravado, the session is totally about the trainee. He truly cares about his clients and authentically wants them to not only achieve their goals, but surpass them. Training with Jake made me realize, in and out of the gym that there is not anything I cannot do. He believed in my ability more than I did, and because of that he quickly transformed my thought process and my physicality. He pays attention to detail and form in the most precise way, breaking old habits learned and created new patterns that helped my body grow with more symmetry. His determination and focus was contagious, and became my determination and focus. He challenged me in ways I never thought possible and I became stronger, clearer and a more confident man. He is certified as a yoga instructor, as well as a trainer which is a bonus because he uses his wealth of knowledge and experience in every session. He is also a very warm, kind, sweet, and centered person with a great easy energy. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has desire a serious in getting in great physical shape and maintaining it!" - Steven Aturo

"I have been practicing for 8 years and I find Jake’s class to be thought provoking and challenging. His Up Dog class is one of my favorites. Jake’s classes are always unique and different depending on his daily mantra. His vinyasa flow sequences are killer. Thanks to Jake’s guidance and skill in breaking down advanced poses into simple steps that his students can grasp, I have finally been able to get into poses that have eluded me for years. I highly recommend his class for beginners and advanced students alike. Jake always offers variations in poses so no student ever feels alienated. Jake is an inspiration and I will be practicing with him for years to come." - Jennifer Pinto, Agent Exclusive Artists Management

"Jake is a wonderful teacher. He has the beautiful gentle soul of a peaceful warrior, a great sense of humor and tons of heart. It is such a joy to take his classes, which are always fun and as challenging as you want or need them to be. His music is great, and his sequences have a nice rhythm and flow, which help in aligning mind, body and spirit and allow for a true yogic experience. The structure of his classes builds enough heat and has enough variation that I am able to stretch, strengthen and tone while releasing unwanted toxins and emotions. He is encouraging when it comes to challenging yourself, but allows you to work at your own pace and level, offering very specific adjustments to help you improve your form, balance and strength. I find that in the comfortable, inspiring, encouraging, accepting space created by Jake, I challenge myself more and do poses I never thought I would be able to do. Plus, since falling and giggling are okay, it makes everything about the practice lighter and less gravity-bound. His classes are satisfying, fun and rewarding. It is a true blessing to get to practice yoga with Jake." - KH

"What I love about taking yoga from Jake is the full mind, body and spirit experience. Jake is an outstanding instructor on every level because he knows out to give you strong direction and positive feedback. His class is an excellent cardio workout. He had a clear knowledge of yoga and will take you deeper into your practice. He will inspire you with his moves, his words and his music. Yoga with Jake becomes an experience you don’t want to miss." - Jen Grisanti, Story Consultant and author of upcoming book, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story

"Jake has been my personal trainer for over five years. He has continually provided me with the motivation to stay in shape and to practice a regular exercise routine. He maintains high energy and always is professional and punctual. I truly believe that Jake is an exceptional trainer. I have been very pleased with the results of our work together.  - Douglas Warde 

Dear Jake I have had some amazing teachers in my life, but you walk on water. Your practice is beautiful to be part of. Thanks for not letting me fall over in all the crazy hard poses that we do. Thanks for all the "A ha!" moments. Between the breath and movement, practicing with you is a giggle-filled roller coaster ride. You completely blur the line between the impossible and the possible mentally and physically. Namaste." - Edward J. Zaragoza, MD, IT Clinical Director UCLA Radiology