Expansion through exploring and creating a "reboot"

Expansion through exploring and creating a "reboot"

Last week I introduced the 31 day challenge and today marks day 10 of those 31 days.

I must admit, this was exactly what I needed to reboot myself.  Honestly, since I got back from Thailand last month I have had a very challenging time getting myself back on schedule and back on gear.  My lack of motivation last month has taken quite the 360 and I owe it to the start of this new challenge.

The 31 Day Challenge

It's August 1st. Welcome to a new month, a new day and for me; the start of a new challenge. 
I believe full heartedly that the only way that I can continue to evolve and expand is by continually creating and exploring.  

This month I plan on exploring and creating every single day. I am challenging myself for the month of August to try out at least 31 things I have never done before and ideally something new every single day. These things are not limited to extremes they can also be something small like trying out a new restaurant or driving a new way to work. Knowing me though I will do what I can to play more on the extreme side. Confronting my fears, exploring places I have never been before, exposing myself to new challenges and continually showing vulnerability.