Stepping into a year of love with #LOVE52IN2017

A few weeks ago I made a friend who challenged himself with #new52, a year of doing at least 1 thing new every week for a whole year, 52 weeks in a year, 52 new things for the year.  I did a challenge similar to this for the month of August (31 day challenge) where I did something new every single day for the whole month.  As I was talking to my friend about the lessons learned from doing something new we both shared our similar experience of how it helped us move past fear and into the unknown with a new light.  

I believe that by doing a challenge like this it helps present more possibilities because what you seek out gets presented to you.  Where your attention goes energy will flow.  So with that in mind my intention this year is to shine more light on love with the intention to bring more love into my life and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Starting this week and every week for a whole year I will be acknowledging the people, places and things that I love. I want to shine light on what I hold dear to my heart and let it keep growing. When I think about the things and people in my life that I love I am filled with gratitude, appreciation and happiness.  I hope that along the way I can inspire others to do the same thing, to open up their eyes and heart and experience more love by shining light and awareness onto all the love that is already all around us. I will be using the hashtag #love52in2017 on my Instagram.  I hope you will follow along and start making some acknowledgments of your own as well.  

My first #love52 for the year is MEDITATION

I meditate every morning.  It is something that is a constant in my life and I love it because it grounds me, it gives me a chance everyday to sit, stay still and to notice.  These 30 minutes that I commit to everyday enhance my life.  I believe that the time that I take out to meditate actually helps me create more time in my life.  I know that sounds a bit weird that taking time to meditate helps create more time but what I believe happens with meditation is that it helps “clean house” in a way.  It clears out the mind, it helps calm things down and by doing that it helps you become more efficient in life. I used to spend a lot of my time in my mind, attaching myself to thoughts that were not serving me, stuck with my frustrations and stuck with indecision.  Since I started meditating I don’t carry those thoughts with me as much or when I do I can recognize them sooner than I used to and clear them out a lot faster.  Since meditating my thoughts have become more clear and I can make decisions faster.  This helps me save so much more time in my life, therefore creating more time in a way.  


If you have never meditated but you are curious to get started I recommend starting with a guided meditation, it helps keep the mind focused on one thing so it doesn’t travel as much from one thought to the next.  My favorite is the Deepak and Oprah meditations but there are also a lot of apps out there available to download on to your phone as well.  I recently tried Stop, Breathe and Think app and really enjoyed it, another popular meditation app is called Headspace.  I think it is also important to say that when you are meditating your mind will, most likely, still travel from thought to thought. I have been meditating daily now for over 2 years and my mind rarely just sits there in silence.  The silence happens from time to time and as I meditate longer I start to realize when my mind drifts away onto tasks or distractions a whole lot sooner than I used to and I just redirect it back to the moment.  Be patient with yourself, I recommend dedicating at least a month to it and see how it makes you feel.  

Let’s start a shift together and shine more light on love.  I am hoping you will join me on this movement and let me know how it enhances your life be acknowledging love. Post about it on IG and tag #love52in2017 so I can see it as well.  

Much love,