The 31 Day Challenge

Day 1 - Start a blog

It's August 1st. Welcome to a new month, a new day and for me; the start of a new challenge. 
I believe full heartedly that the only way that I can continue to evolve and expand is by continually creating and exploring.  

This month I plan on exploring and creating every single day. I am challenging myself for the month of August to try out at least 31 things I have never done before and ideally something new every single day. These things are not limited to extremes they can also be something small like trying out a new restaurant or driving a new way to work. Knowing me though I will do what I can to play more on the extreme side. Confronting my fears, exploring places I have never been before, exposing myself to new challenges and continually showing vulnerability. 

My friend Paria "introduced" me to this challenge. I put that in quotes because I just so happened to have been looking over her FB page and saw that she was going to be doing it. I decided to join along without even asking, figuring the more the merrier. Right?  
I invite you to join me on this challenge this month. Use it as a tool to motivate you, to inspire you and to expand you.  Let it be something that helps ignite you. Something that allows you to grow. 

My first challenge for August is writing this blog. I've been wanting to write a blog for the last few years now but have always held back, thinking I didn't have enough to say, or enough anybody would really want to hear and I questioned why anybody would want to invest their time reading anything I had to write.  I now believe that train of thought was bullshit and I'm calling bullshit on myself. I have plenty of amazing things to say. I know this because I believe we all do. We all have a story. We all have something that somebody can benefit from and by putting it out there we are sharing a gift of growth. Not just for the writer but also for the reader. 
I hope you will enjoy these little blogs and we can grow together.  Join me on this journey and let growth take you higher.  

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