I saw this statement on somebody’s shirt the other day at the gym.  The guy wearing the shirt was very muscular, very fit and reading his shirt hurt my heart. It brought me back in time......

I remember the moment I closed myself off. I remember the moment I knew I had to build an armor. I remember the moment I had to do all I could do to “not feel anything”. 

I was 14, in middle school and rumors started spreading that I was gay. It seemed as if everybody in school was talking about it and I couldn’t understand what I was doing to have people talk that way about me. I never looked at other guys in that way or had a relationship with guys. I always dated girls and did the things guys were “supposed” to do. …..

Stepping into a year of love with #LOVE52IN2017

Stepping into a year of love with #love52

A few weeks ago I made a friend who challenged himself with #new52, a year of doing at least 1 thing new every week for a whole year, 52 weeks in a year, 52 new things for the year.  I did a challenge similar to this for the month of August (31 day challenge) where I did something new every single day for the whole month.  As I was talking to my friend about the lessons learned from doing something new we both shared our similar experience of how it helped us move past fear and into the unknown with a new light.



This was the reminder I needed today.  I saw this message across the wall and it almost made me cry.  It was that moment that I realized that I have been going non stop for the last few weeks straight.  About 5 days ago I moved to a new city.  I packed up 2 bags, leased out my condo, got rid of my car and left my very comfortable life that I created for myself in Los Angeles.  

Limited to Limitless by calling "bullshit"

Limited to Limitless by calling "bullshit"

Limited to Limitless by calling "bullshit"

Let’s talk about limited beliefs, how to turn them into limitless beliefs and then turn them into empowering beliefs. I believe that we are all limitless. We are all capable of so much and we are all miracle makers. Although I believe this I often find that I forget this and it's when I forget this that my thoughts become limited, therefore, limiting myself from my own limitless potential.

Expansion through exploring and creating a "reboot"

Expansion through exploring and creating a "reboot"

Last week I introduced the 31 day challenge and today marks day 10 of those 31 days.

I must admit, this was exactly what I needed to reboot myself.  Honestly, since I got back from Thailand last month I have had a very challenging time getting myself back on schedule and back on gear.  My lack of motivation last month has taken quite the 360 and I owe it to the start of this new challenge.

The 31 Day Challenge

It's August 1st. Welcome to a new month, a new day and for me; the start of a new challenge. 
I believe full heartedly that the only way that I can continue to evolve and expand is by continually creating and exploring.  

This month I plan on exploring and creating every single day. I am challenging myself for the month of August to try out at least 31 things I have never done before and ideally something new every single day. These things are not limited to extremes they can also be something small like trying out a new restaurant or driving a new way to work. Knowing me though I will do what I can to play more on the extreme side. Confronting my fears, exploring places I have never been before, exposing myself to new challenges and continually showing vulnerability.